Group therapy

Mindful Embodiment for Pain

A 6-week pain coping skills program with Clinical Psychologist Dr Rob Schütze

Do you live with persistent pain that is affecting your mood, functioning or quality of life? Then this course may be for you. Based on the latest science and clinical guidelines, this 6-week group program will introduce you to the principles of active pain self-management. 

What will I learn?


Sore but safe: Understand how the brain processes pain and why pain can persist even when an injury might have healed. 

Take the pressure down: Learn how to use meditation, breathing and movement to calm your nervous system and ease the burden of distressing pain-related thoughts and feelings. 

Be nice: Develop kindness and compassion towards yourself.

Busting the boom-bust cycle: Fine tune how you approach exercise, housework and daily tasks using pacing to avoid pain flare-ups. 

You’re not alone: Connect with other people in pain who understand what it’s like.

Start now: Set some achievable goals and learn how staying engaged and active helps you to live beyond your pain.



$540. If you have a GP Mental Health Care Plan, you will receive a rebate of at least $195.60 ($344.40 out of pocket, less if you reach the Medicare Safety Net).

Course start dates

13 Aug – 17 Sept 
15 Oct – 19 Nov 

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To download a PDF flyer for the program, click here.