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Welcome to Wisdom Health, a place where you can feel understood, supported and empowered as you tackle life's challenges. Here at Wisdom Health we are passionate about helping you to find ways to find  meaning, peace and strength in your life. You can contact our psychologists directly and book with them online via the 'Our Psychologists’ tab.


We are a team of experienced, highly trained Psychologists specialising in a vast range of mental health issues. We are leaders in helping people to cope with Persistent Pain and other chronic health conditions. We also specialise in helping people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and various forms of Depression and Anxiety.

Here at Wisdom Health, we believe it's important to 'walk our talk'. So when you work with one our Psychologists you will see that they don't just work from the textbook, they embody the behaviours, attitudes and skills underlying each treatment. We are particularly committed to the practice of mindfulness, and have decades of meditation experience among us.

We look forward to welcoming you to our comfortable waiting room with a revitalising drink and a smile. We also provide 'telehealth' sessions by secure video chat or phone if this is more convenient for you.


Specialising in coping with Pain, Health Problems, Anxiety, Depression, and Relationship Stress

Pain Psychology

Chronic pain affects one in five people and yet is often unseen and poorly understood by health practitioners and the community. We are leaders in supporting people to learn new skills for coping with pain and the distress that often accompanies it.


We all experience anxiety at times but sometimes it can interfere with living a rewarding life. Whether it's dealing with uncontrollable worry, panic attacks, social anxiety, phobias, or trauma, we can help you to take back control of your life using evidence-based techniques.


Depression is predicted to have the highest burden of disease worldwide in coming years. Yet it can still be difficult to recognise and get the right help when your mood deteriorates. We have helped countless people reclaim their lives from depression.

Health Problems

When your physical health is compromised it can really challenge your ability to enjoy life. We specialise in helping people to cope with chronic health issues such as brain injury, physical disability, diabetes, and irritable bowel syndrome.


Many of us are bothered by distressing intrusive thoughts or images that might be coupled with compulsive rituals like hand washing, checking, counting and avoidance. We have helped countless people overcome Obsessive Compulsive Disorder using proven techniques.

Relationship Stress

Relationships are both rewarding and challenging. It's easy to take our relationships for granted, whether they are marriages, friendships or family connections. We can help you to improve how you communicate, listen, and problem solve to make your relationships flourish.


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Please Note: Each Psychologist manages their own bookings. Please contact them directly using the details on their profile pages.

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Ticketed street parking ($4 per hour) available on Richardson St and surrounding streets. Multistory carpark nearby on Mayfair St. Free 1hr parking on Hay Street.


Please be aware that our office is located on the first floor, up one flight of steps.

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